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Car Paint Correction Sydney

Are you searching for a qualified vehicle paint expert in Sydney to provide your car with paint correction?

  • Don’t think that the swirls, dull spots and scratches on your new car cannot be removed.
  • Don’t risk using an inexperienced operator who may permanently damage your paintwork.
  • Don’t waste your money on inferior ‘cut and polish’ packages.

Definitive Car Detailing has provided multi-stage paint correction treatments to thousands of luxury and prestige cars in Sydney.

We can restore your dull, scratched or damaged paintwork to a pristine mirror-like finish. Whether your paintwork is damaged from the manufacturer, poor cleaning techniques, abrasive polishes or environmental factors, our expert treatments will transform your faded paint to a shiny surface with a showroom glow.

Tesla Paint Correction

Note: Many car wash cafes offer a ‘cut and polish service’. This service just enhances the overall appearance of the car but does not remove the imperfections and defects in the paint. Paint correction is a specialised technique that removes as many defects as possible leaving the paintwork with a glossy finish free of imperfections. If there is a cob webbing effect on your paint surface from automatic brush car washes the paint correction treatment is the ideal solution.

Creating a perfect finish takes expertise, time and patience.

We are passionate about providing outstanding paint correction treatments. By investing in state-of-the-art paint thickness gauges and decontamination treatments, we are committed to raising the standard of paint correction in Sydney.

1-Stage Paint Correction

  • For light swirls and minor defects.
  • Minimum of 40% correction.

2-Stage Paint Correction

  • For medium swirls and medium defects.
  • Minimum of 60% correction.

3-Stage Paint Correction

  • For severe swirls and severe defects.
  • Minimum of 80% correction.

from $490 per stage.

10 Imperfections Our Paint Correction Will Remove

  1. Heavy swirls
  2. Heavy marring
  3. Impact scratches
  4. Paint transfer
  5. Water marks
  6. Acid etching
  7. Bird dropping stains
  8. Paint defects
  9. Minor oxidisation
  10. Holograms

If you want to restore your car’s showroom shine, we can make it happen.

What Can We Do For Your Paint?

Before we start the paint correction process, we undertake our iconic complete wash process. This intensive washing method ensures that all dirt, grime, grease and loose contaminants are removed from the surface of your vehicle. Though this is a time-intensive process it ensures the best results.

Exterior Paint Decontamination

We have mastered the art and science of using premium automotive clay bars with a special imported detailing lubricant to remove bonded contaminants and tar spots. By removing any bonded contaminants the paint feels exquisitely smooth to touch. Many vehicle owners are amazed at how spectacular their cars look after this process, but this is just the beginning.

Mercedes GLE Paint Protection Service

What Does The Pre-Treatment Preparation Involve?

  • Full detail wash using pH neutral Optimum No Rinse Wash
  • Ferrex iron particle decontamination
  • Isopropyl alcohol chemical decontamination
  • Clay bar polish physical decontamination
  • 1-Stage paint correction machine polish
  • Surface preparation solution final wipe down

Following surface preparation, our technicians use a unique combination of polishes and innovative compounds to correct and refine the paintwork. Our experience of cleaning thousands of prestige cars has revealed that this 1-stage machine polish can provide a 50% improvement in the condition of the paint surface.

As each car is markedly different, it is essential that a customised treatment is provided. There is no ‘one size fits all’ paint correction treatment. Definitive Car Detailing takes the time to provide a tailored service that provides the best results for your unique car.

Definitive Car Detailing has invested in the industry’s leading paint thickness technologies that enable the team to treat deep scratches and marring safely.

Custom Paint Correction Services

In order to produce stunning results, Definitive Car Detailing provides custom paint correction services that are designed for the specific requirements of your car and budget. With an intimate understanding of automotive paints and paint protection products, Frank and the Definitive Car Detailing team provide tailored solutions that offer exquisite value for money.

As the state-of-the-art paint correction services remove all the imperfections, bonded chemicals and scratches, Definitive Car Detailing recommends combining the paint correction service with the spray application of ceramic paint protection.

Definitive Car Detailing provides four-stage spray application of Brila Liquid Glass Paint Protection which is Japan’s leading inorganic ceramic paint protection. If you want your car to retain the intense deep colour and pristine finish following the paint correction treatment, investing in ceramic paint protection is a savvy investment. As Brila Liquid Glass has a double layer hybrid structure that comprises a hydrophobic coat and a silica glass coat the final result is breathtaking shine, lustre and polish. Unlike inferior products, the formulation does not contain carbon or methyl and thereby does not degrade over time.

Lexus Paint Correction North Shore

Do you have any questions about paint correction?

Frank Su is one of Sydney’s most respected automotive paint experts and is ready to answer any of questions. Call Frank today to find out the best way of taking care of your car’s exterior.

If you love your luxury car, don’t let inexperienced operators leave buffer trails, holograms or swirl marks with poor quality polishing. Rely on the industry experts and enjoy the improved lustre and showroom shine of a professional paint correction treatment.

“The car didn’t look this good when I bought it new”

Why Rely On Definitive Car Detailing?

Definitive Car Detailing is your local North Shore paint correction specialist. In the studio, Frank uses innovative techniques that have been mastered and perfected to provide superior results and guaranteed outcomes.

More than just a profession, this is an art form and Definitive Car Detailing is committed to raising the standard of paint correction and protection in Sydney.

Even though Definitive Car Detailing never compromises on the quality of service, products or results, we still manage to keep our rates competitive. Don’t hesitate in giving us a call to find out how affordable our paint correction packages are today.

Porsche Detailer Sydney

What Do Our Customers Say About Our Sydney Paint Correction Services?

I’ve had paint protection applied by Frank to my previous and my current car. On both occasions the work was completed on time and to the highest standard. After two years my Focus ST still looked great.
I highly recommend Definitive Car Detailing to anyone considering paint protection for their car. – Les K

I am happy with the paint protection (Brila Premium Body Glass Coating) for my F87 M2 (Long Beach Blue) last week. Frank is such a nice guy. He is patient and always happy to answer any questions customers have regarding paint, paint protection. I asked many questions regarding process, details about the paint protection, even how to properly wash cars.

BTW: It turned out that the previous owner put clear film on the front bumper, engine bonnet, rear view mirrors and side skirts, Frank told me how to take care of those and what to do if they fall off over time. The body glass coating can still be applied on top of those films (not too sure about how long they will last and the difference though).

I highly recommend Definitive Car Detailing to car enthusiasts (I believe it is already one of the best in Sydney by word of mouth). – Terry Wang



Call today and take the first step to restoring the showroom shine and gloss to your luxury car.