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Car Detailing

For the best car detailing in Sydney – rely on Definitive Car Detailing.

Definitive Car Detailing meticulously clean, polish and protect all parts of a vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, using specialist tools and products that would not normally be used by your typical car cleaner.

Exterior Wash Methods

Wash Methods

Paint Correction Explained

The highest level of exterior car detailing is to fully enhance and restore the vehicles paintwork by eliminating light scratches and swirl marks that have been inflicted over time by poor washing techniques. Causing the light to reflect in such a way that they give an unsightly cob webbing effect on the paint surface.

Water BeforeSwirl1-2

Before any paint correction is undertaken, the exterior is thoroughly washed and cleaned to remove all dirt and loose contaminants.

Exterior Decontamination

After washing, exterior is decontaminated using a specialist automotive clay bar and lubricant which gently removes deep and bonded surface contaminants that washing alone cannot remove. All exterior surfaces are decontaminated include paint, glass, unpainted plastics and metal, etc. Exterior decontamination drastically improve the feel & the look of the exterior surfaces but also reveal the true surface ready for further detailing. This is the most important step in the car detailing process as these contaminants hinder the polishing process and prevent a top quality finish from being achieved.

Typical Contamination – Consist of embedded dirt and dust over a long period.


Tar Spots – Tar spots can build up overtime and cannot be removed by normal washing.


Paint Correction Machine Polish

After the paintwork has been properly cleaned and prepared it is then corrected to remove scratches, swirls, hazing, oxidation and other imperfections. This is done with different polish and compound products depending on your paint type to create the best results. The polishing  is a multi step task, differing grades of polish & compound are used to correct and refine the finish. Up to a 50% improvement can be achieved with just a 1-Stage Machine Polish.


Hologram – Most holograms are caused by harsh machine polishing, such as using the machine at too high speed or too aggressive cut on soft paint.


Light Swirl – Removing swirls is a multi-step process, a 1-Stage Machine Polish (included in the Pre-Sale Package) can take up to 2 hours to achieve 50% correction.

Swirl BeforeSwirl After

Heavy Swirl – Removing swirls is a multi-step process, a 2-Stage Machine Polish can take up to 5 hours to achieve 50% correction.


Piano Black Trims – Exterior trims in piano black finish are very soft and can be very easily scratched. Machine polish can restore the finish to as new.


Oxidised Paint – Most oxidised paint can be polished and restored to a glossy shine with just a 1-Stage Machine Polish.

Oxidisation Before1Oxidisation After1

Light Scratches – Most light scratches can be polished and completely removed.


Impact Scratches – Most large & deep scratches can be machine polished to help reduce visibility of damage. This is an affordable way to dramatically improve the look of the car without re-paint.

Scratch BeforeScratch After

Paint Transfer – Paint transfer occurs when a vehicle is scratched against a painted object, such as bollards, bins, poles, etc. It is unsightly and and makes the scratch even more obvious. Paint transfer can be polished and completely removed.

057T9959MB B Class Silver Blue-110

Oxidised Headlights – Headlights oxidise resulting a hazy cloud. Machine polish can restores that jewelled look of a new car and dramatically reduce the appearance age of the car.

Headlight Before 1Headlight After 1

Plastic Lens – Plastic lens such as taillights are prone to scratches & swirls just like painted surfaces.


Paint Protection & Gloss Booster

After paint correction of imperfections, the paintwork is then protected and sealed. Definitive Car Detailing uses different protection methods to achieve your desired outcome. High quality natural carnauba paste waxes, synthetic polymer sealants or advanced permanent coatings are used to provide long lasting protection and an incredible shine. At least one layer of synthetic polymer sealant is applied to the exterior, multiple layers can be applied to ensure optimum durability and shine are achieved. Swirl After1F9X1754

Optimum Opti-Coat Permanent Paint Protection

Optimum Opti-Coat is the only paint protection product that have been certified by the Australian CSIRO to be 100% acid resistant. Optimum Opti-Coat is capable of preventing permanent damages include Acid Etching & Bird Dropping Etching.

Ford Fiesta XR4 Black-119Mercedes CLC Black-115

Exterior Restore

Convertible Fabric Restore – Convertible fabrics are cleaned then protected to prevent further damage.


Metal & Chrome – Metal & chrome are cleaned & polished.

Metal BeforeMetal After

Unpainted Plastic – Restored to an as-new matte sheen plus protection from the elements.

Plastic BeforePlastic After

Exterior Rubber Trim – Restored to an as-new matte sheen plus protection from the elements.


Wheels & Tires – Wheels & tires are cleaned using non-acidic products then protected. Tires are presented to an as-new finish.

Wheel Before2Wheel After2

Inside of Alloy Wheels – When possible the inside of alloy wheels are also thoroughly cleaned for that perfection only a professional car detailer can provide.


Engine Bay – Cleaned using steam together with a range of products and brushes to remove grease, dust and dirt, it is then restored to a as-new matte natural finish.

Engine Bay BeforeEngine Bay After

Crevices – Crevices between panels are cleaned thoroughly.


Fuel Cap – This area is always ignored by car wash cafes.



An interior detail comprises of all upholstery being vacuumed and thoroughly shampooed and steamed to remove any contaminants and stains, while also brightening and freshening it up. All areas are thoroughly detailed.

Air Conditioning Vents Deodorise & Disinfect – High pressure steam are pushed through the air conditioning vents to clean, deodorise and disinfect.


Interior Carpets Shampoo – Interior carpets are shampooed using automotive upholstery shampoo machine.


Headliner Stain Removal – Most cars have light colored headliners which can easily stain from normal wear & tear.

Mercedes C Class Wagon Red-111Mercedes C Class Wagon Red-112

Medium Stain Removal – Medium stains on fabric upholstery is shampooed using automotive upholstery shampoo machine.


Heavy Stains Removal – Heavy stains on fabric seats are shampooed using automotive upholstery shampoo machine.

Seats BeforeSeats After

Leather Treatment – Leather are deep cleaned with dedicated leather cleaner to remove any dirt deep in the grain, then thoroughly treated, moisturised & protected.

Leather BeforeLeather After

Interior Plastics, Vinyl & Interior Trims – High pressure steam is used to soften the grime & dirt then restored to as-new matte natural finish.

Armrest BeforeArmrest After

Interior Plastics, Vinyl & Interior Trims – Solvent based stain remover is the only solution for certain types of stains.

Mercedes C Class Wagon Red-113Mercedes C Class Wagon Red-114

Interior Plastics Coating Failure – Most if not all plastics used inside a modern car are coated with a very thin coating from the factory. High traffic areas will result in these failing.

Mercedes S Class Black-118Mercedes S Class Black-119

Temporary Solutions

Interior Plastic Panel – Replacing interior plastic panel is often expensive & may require a long waiting period for parts to arrive, temporary solution using fabrics is an effective way to reduce the visibility of the damage.

VW Touareg Blue-123VW Touareg Blue-125

Exterior Parts Vinyl Wrap – Cosmetically damaged exterior parts is an eyesore to the potential buyer & will devalue your vehicle. Parts can be saved by Vinyl Wrap.

Ford Ute Blue-110Ford Ute Blue-111

Exterior Parts PlastiDip – Cosmetically damaged exterior parts thats is too complex to Vinyl Wrap can be saved by PlastiDip.

VW Caravelle White-113VW Caravelle White-114

Wheels Repaint & Refinish

Wheels can be repainted in original colors to reduce signs of wear & tear. Especially for wheels with kerb damage. Heavy damages can be refinished by smoothing the area prior to repaint. Alfa 147 Grey-114Alfa 147 Grey-115

High Quality Showroom Photos

Using high quality photos for your car sale advertising is another way to make your car stand out from the crowd and grab the potential buyer’s attention. If you are preparing your car for sale, high quality showroom photos are included to help you sell your car easier and faster. Nissan 370Z White-102VW EOS Silver-114

Detailing Aftercare

After a full detail has been undertaken, maintenance details can be performed on a regular basis which will not be as involved as a full detail yet will help to give all parts of the vehicle that just detailed look. Definitive Car Detailing recommend Exterior Decontamination every 6 months and a Full Detail every year. Car detailing helps to retain much of a vehicles original value and it can also add a considerable amount to the value of older more neglected or abused vehicles that have never seen that level of care.

Porsche Cayenne White-103


Definitive Car Detailing only uses proven products in the industry, including :

Opticoat Sydney – The premium paint protection technology.

Optimum – We use Optimum because the famous No Rinse Wash is the benchmark of water-saving wash technology around the world. Plus a proven system of compounds and polishes.

Meguiar’s – We use Meguiars because of its wide range of products, and its unbeatable reputation among the Australian public.

Swissvax – We use Swissvax because it is simply the best natural carnauba wax in the market.


Definitive Car Detailing are trusted by:

Enroute Cars – Corporate limousine service, tailor-made wedding car service.

4.Mance – Performance specialist.