Definitive Car Detailing is a premium car detailer specialising in Spray Gun 4 Layers Paint Enhancement & Protection Treatment.

Revolutionary Spray Gun application (4 Layers) produces superior Proven Thickness & High Level of Gloss that cannot be matched by the usual hand wipe-on application.

The Definitive Advantage:

  • Free Yearly Check to Ensure Performance
  • Free Loan Car or Pick-Up & Drop-Off
  • Experience Over 1,200 Spray Gun Customers
  • Manufactures Performance Guarantee

Opti-Coat Pro+ Permanent Ceramic Paint Protection Treatment

Opti-Coat Pro+ from $745 (2 Layers) or $945  (4 Layers).

– 100% Bird Poo Resistant – Lifetime Warranty – Free Loan Car – Professional Photography – Opticoat Sydney
Quality ceramic paint protection that provides the ultimate shine and protection.
For the ultimate new car paint protection in Sydney – rely on Opti Coat ceramic paint protection.

BRILA Liquid Glass Paint Protection Treatment

BRILA from $1,145 (Spray Gun Application 4 Layers)

Price Guide

Opti-Coat Pro+ (2 Layers or 4 Layers)

Small – Medium $745 or $945(VW Golf, Audi A4)

Large – SUV $845 or $1,045 (Audi A6, Audi Q5)

4WD $945 or $1,145(BMW X5, Audi Q7)

BRILA (Spray Gun Application 4 Layers)

Small – Medium $1,145(VW Golf, Audi A4)

Large – SUV $1,245 (Audi A6, Audi Q5)

4WD $1,345(BMW X5, Audi Q7)

Extensive Opti-Coat Pro+ Prep

Full Detail Wash using environmentally friendly, PH neautral Optimum No Rinse

Optimum Ferrex Iron Particle Decontamination to remove bonded iron particles

Isopropyl Alcohol Chemical Decontamination to remove wax, grease residue

Clay Bar Polish Physical Decontamination to remove bonded contaminants

Optimum Surface Prep Solution Final Wipe Down

1-Stage Paint Correction Machine Polish
Full Vehicle Paint Correction Machine Polish to Further Enhance Gloss
We specialise in providing the highest standard of paint correction services for prestige cars in Sydney. For your local Sydney paint correction specialist, give us a call.
Opti-Coat Pro+ Application

Opti-Coat Pro+ applied by Spray Gun to painted surfaces

Opti-Coat Pro+ applied by Spray Gun to exterior plastic

Opti-Coat Pro+ applied by Spray Gun to chrome trims

Opti-Coat Pro+ applied by Spray Gun to front & tail lights

Infra Red Curing
Infra Red Curing is now included in all Opti-Coat Pro+ applied by Spray Gun. Infra Red Curing increases the chemical bonding between Opti-Coat Pro+ and paintwork, further enhancing level of gloss.
Optional Extra

Engine Bay: Opti-Coat Pro+ applied by Spray Gun to engine bay plastics & underside of bonnet. $120

Door Jams: Opti-Coat Pro+ applied by Spray Gun to door jams. $180

Glass: Opti-Glass Pro applied to front windshield, side & rear glass. $120

Wheels Outside: Opti-Coat Pro+ applied to outside face. $25 per wheel

Complete Wheels & Brake Caliper: Opti-Coat Pro+ applied to four wheels outside, inside & brake calipers. $60 per wheel

PPF Clear Film
Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear film with self-healing ability, this can be placed on highly sensitive, scratch prone areas.


Headlights $160 B-Pillars $60 (per piece) Door Cups $20 (per piece) Door Jambs $60 (per piece)

Opti-Guard Interior Leather & Fabric
Opti-Guard Leather, VInyl & Fabric reduce Liquid Absorption & increase Stain Resistance, from $295. 2 Year Durability Carpets & Floor Mats Leather or Fabric Seats Steering Wheel Armrest Handbrake Lever Door Panels Dashboard Sun Visor Trunk
High Quality Professional Photography showing your car in its best condition
Follow-Up Care
Free Re-Application of Optimum Opti-Coat Pro+ if required

  • Free Loan Car or Pick-Up & Drop-Off
  • Free Performance Follow-Up
  • Owner Operator
  • Car Detailing Sydney North Shore Specialist
  • 7 years Experience with New & Used cars
  • $10 Million Comprehensive & Liability Insurance
  • Permanent Paint Protection Treatment
  • 100% Bird Poo Proof

Swissvax Premium Car Detailing

Exterior Paint Decontamination
Exterior Paint Decontamination using specialist automotive clay bar to remove deep and bonded contaminants. This is the single most cost effective way to cleanse your car’s exterior surfaces. from $120 
1-2-3 Stage Paint Correction
1-Stage Paint Correction

  • For light swirls and minor defects.
  • Minimum of 40% correction.

2-Stage Paint Correction

  • For medium swirls and medium defects.
  • Minimum of 60% correction.

3-Stage Paint Correction

  • For severe swirls and severe defects.
  • Minimum of 80% correction.

from $490 per stage.

Swissvax Premium Carnauba Wax
Swissvax Premium Carnauba Wax. from $120 per layer
Interior Upholstery Steam & Shampoo
1. Stain and Dirt Removal

Stain and Dirt removed using a shampoo machine with HEPA filter. All fabrics and leather surfaces can be shampooed to extract any ground in dirt. This process effectively remove stains such as food, body sweat, grease, vomit, etc.

2. Ordor and Bacteria Removal

Ordor and Bacteria removed using High Pressure Steam Cleaned with Chemical Guys Ordor Eater. The whole interior can be steamed cleaned including Seats, Carpet, Mats, Roof Lining, Seatbelt, Glovebox, Centre Console, Sun Visor, Door Panels.

3. Air Conditioning Vents Cleaning

Dust and dirt can be trapped inside the air conditioning vents and piping. High pressure steam have the capability to completely clean and deodorise these areas.

from $240


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